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The Institute of Banking and Business Communication (IBBC) – IBBC is a professional organisation in india, focused on training individuals and corporate executives in banking, finance and soft skills. We have partnered with IBBC to deliver innovative web-based training and self development banking program which facilitates improved customer service and service delivery by banking employees. These course are benchmarked against international standards.

Working Smart- Working smart is a leading people development solutions centre in Kenya, which offers a 360o approach to change, leadership, strategy, talent management and performance management within the organisation. We offer psychometric evaluations and assessment services in partnership with Working Smart. The psychometric tests offered are benchmarked against international standards and are accredited by the British Psychological Society, Psytech International, Oxford Psychologists Press (UK), Morrisby Organisational (UK) and ASE NFERNelson.

Dibanisa Bizzi - Dibanisa Bizzi is a change & performance management consulting firm in South Africa; specialized in the development and delivery of informed organisational strategies, performance improvement strategies among other competency-based solutions which foster organisational growth. The company has delivered management solutions for over 33 companies globally. We have partnered with them to offer change management solutions to both public and private organisations.

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